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My Consultation sessions

If you book a consultation session

We will be able to have a much more tailored and in-depth conversation about anything you are struggling with.
This can range between…

1. What Services to offer

If you don’t know what services you should be offering, or perhaps even the prices you should be selling them at, then this will help you. We can discuss, how best to use these services as a way to stand out and market yourself as the answer

2. How to make a contract

There are many things that go into making a contract so I can help clarify what needs to be included, how to make one, and discuss the onboarding process. This will help to secure more clients and make it a more seamless experience for them.

3. How to attract customers

This is one of the most important aspects of freelancing as you need to ensure you are able to effectively target and attract new clients frequently. Therefore, I can offer valuable tips and advice on how best to attract new clients as well as how to convert them.
There’s a whole list of things we can discuss so if you are needing any help, be sure to make this small investment. It can really help steer your freelancing in the right direction. Be sure to make an appointment today!