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If you book a freelance consultation session

During this session, we will be able to have a much more tailored and in-depth conversation about anything you are struggling with in regards to freelancing. Whether you are new to freelancing or are well experienced, I am here to chat about anything you need and help bounce ideas back and forth to ensure you are able to optimise your services. 

Topics we could discuss can range between…

1. What Services you could offer

There are so many services out there which you could offer. Therefore, if you don’t know what services you should be offering, or the prices you should be selling them at, this will help you. We can discuss how best to use these services and how to market yourself as the answer

There are many things that go into making a contract so I can help clarify what needs to be included, how to make one, and discuss the onboarding process. This will help to secure more clients and make it a more seamless experience for them.

This is one of the most important aspects of freelancing as you need to ensure you are able to effectively target and attract new clients frequently. Therefore, I can offer valuable tips and advice on how best to attract new clients as well as how to convert them. This can lead on to how you can best optimise your onboarding process to ensure each new client has a seamless experience. 

There’s a whole list of things we can discuss so if you are needing any help, be sure to make this small investment. It can really help steer your freelancing in the right direction and enable you to excel in your business!

The complimentary consultation is in place to enable you to discuss any questions you may have thus far about my services and packages. This sessions will be the best opportunity for you to have a one on one session with me and gain a better understanding about how I can help your business grow. We can discuss a variety of topics such as…

1. My client onboarding process

When it comes to my onboarding process, I like to ensure all my clients know exactly what they are expecting in order to work well together and set realistic goals. It has been developed to ensure we are both agree on all aspects of my services, ensuring complete clarity throughout.

I am very aware that every business has different requirements, therefore, my prices vary depending on the level work required. Each package can also be tailored to ensure all clients receive a personalised service and are happy with the full scope of work expected.

There are various ways a digital marketing manager can benefit you. Whether you don’t have the time to run your social media accounts, or you require someone with more experience to provide you with the results you are aiming towards, I am here to help. This small investment can really help bring your businesses to the next level!

This is a free, complimentary session to help clarify any questions or doubts you have about my services. Make an appointment today and feel free to email, call or FaceTime me, whatever you feel most comfortable with, and I will answer any questions you may have.